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Jewelry Care Tips
Jewelry can be damaged by common household cleaning supplies, especially those containing bleach or acids. It's best to remove jewelry before using cleaning products.

Pearls' fragile beauty can be marred by everyday substances like hairspray and perfume. Put your pearl jewelry on last, after applying makeup and letting hairspray and perfume dry. Never wear pearls while swimming in a chlorinated pool. Pearls can be cleaned by wiping with a damp cloth.

Pearls can also be scratched by harder materials like metals or gems, so store them in their own box or bag, or wrap them in tissue.

Sterling silver will tarnish over time when exposed to air and moisture. Store silver jewelry in a closed container or ziplock bag with an anti-tarnish strip. Tarnish can be easily removed with a polishing cloth, or light tarnish can be removed by rubbing with any soft cloth.

Always try the most gentle cleaning technique first. Wiping with a damp cloth may clean most dirt off of jewelry. Other jewelry can be cleaned with warm soapy water and dried with a soft cloth, paying particular attention to water that has gotten into the holes of the beads. Regular cleaning is not necessary unless the item looks dirty.

Many gems can be cleaned with an ultrasonic cleaner but some cannot.

Jade: Avoid high heat, solvents and acids while cleaning. Can be soaked briefly in ammonia or soapy water and cleaned with a gentle brush.
Lapis Lazuli: Don't use ultrasonic, avoid heat, solvents and acids. Clean gently with soapy water.
Peridot: Don't use ultrasonic, avoid rapid temperature changes, and acids. Can be soaked in ammonia and brushed clean.
Quartz: Avoid quick temperature changes, boiling and ultrasonic should be done with care. Can be soaked in ammonia and brushed clean.
Coral: Coral is another organic material and should be treated carefully like pearls
Garnet: Can be cleaned with ultrasonic, or soaked in ammonia and brushed clean.
Iolite: Avoid rapid temperature changes, can be cleaned with ultrasonic or soaked in ammonia and brushed clean.



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